george costanza


As I have mentioned previously, I am a huge (huge!) Seinfeld fan. I think it is one of the more hilarious and well-written shows of all time and fully deserving of the credit, admiration and dedicated fandom it frequently receives. My favorite character is likely George Costanza, the little man played by Jason Alexander who, if you dropped the voice about an octave and knocked off 5 inches, would bare a remarkable resemblance to Danny Devito on Adderall. But I digress! My point is that the show is great and the characters, as individuals, are hilarious and so, so memorable.

Apparently, George Costanza was incredibly significant to one fan as (presumably) she decided to create an entire dress with his face on it. Tumblr user ebtpierce posted a photo that, as of this moment, already has nearly 25.000 “likes” and reblogs because the Internet loves Seinfeld entirely too much, too. Normally, face dresses are kinda creepy in my opinion, but this one is pretty goddamned fantastic:

If only we could see more of the dress! From what I can tell, however, it’s structured pretty damn well and has a fantastic variety of classic Costanza facial expressions. How exactly she created this, I cannot tell you; I can only assume she screenprinted his face onto the fabric and constructed it herself, but who knows? What I do know, however, is that I want one of these. I want one of these so very badly and I will never rest until I acquire it.

Oh, and she’s apparently making a “clutch and bow to match,” thereby increasing my jealousy of her sewing skills even more. Who are you, ebtpierce, and why are you not my personal syndicated television show clothing designer? WHY, DAMMIT? In any case, I am sincerely experiencing both jealousy and definite awe at this, the most glamorous usage of Jason Alexander’s face that has ever and will ever strike the fashion world.