Selena Gomez Chose A Sexy Muumuu To Wear While Picking Up Her Kids' Global AwardAfter yesterday’s mild puzzlement over whether or not Selena Gomez speaks Arabic, the language of her brand new “Love yourself first” tattoo*, it was time for the pop star to distract everybody by bringing back a trend that was never really trendy in the first place: muumuus.

While accepting the Kids’ Global Award at the 2014 Ischia Global Festival in Italy, Selena walked the red carpet wearing a very loose boho-inspired dress by L’Agence. Except instead of appearing as a draw-cord maxi dress, it sort of just looked like a muumuu. But it’s a sexy muumuu, because adding a peekaboo keyhole around the cleavage and a thigh-high slit turns this everything into being deemed “red carpet worthy” by a stylist, apparently. She added some suede and python pumps–because one animal’s skin isn’t enough–and voila! Sexy muumuu look.

Selena Gomez Chose A Sexy Muumuu To Wear While Picking Up Her Kids' Global AwardAs for her hair and makeup, Selena looked really lovely. Her skin looked healthy and possessed a dewy glow that worked well with her low-maintenance hair. And while I wasn’t quite so keen on the dress itself, I did love how simple her eyes, lips and cheeks were for the overall look. I definitely cannot judge how shiny she is considering it’s been in the high 80s in Italy (and given the fact that I’ve been nonstop shiny here in New York these past months).

So, are muumuus/peasant gowns that are entirely too big on you coming back? Let’s just say “possibly,” because honestly, it is borderline impossible to guess which random 90s, 70s or 1820s trend will be spontaneously returning due to a celebrity’s fanbase running wild with it. Today, it’s muumuus. Tomorrow, leg o’ mutton sleeves!

*Side note: One of our commenters stated that the tattoo is actually incorrectly written:

“I’m Egyptian (speak Arabic) and the grammar on this is all wrong! It says “I love yourself first” hahaha. This was definitely taken off google translate.”

For shame!