At last night’s Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards, designers wore designs. And talked about them, and won awards for them. But among all the stylish folk was one lone comedian — Seth Meyers, who also played host for the event. And brilliantly, Meyers wore the same Comme des Garcons lace menswear dress that Marc jacons wore to the Met Gala.

Because when you think about it, there was nothing else he could have worn. Nothing at all.

According to People, Meyers didn’t let the wearing of the dress go unroasted.

“That is a long way to go to prove you’re wearing a clean pair of underwear,” he said. “Must be so nice heading to the Met having no fear that someone is wearing the same outfit as you. Hey guys, who wore it better: Marc Jacobs, or the window at an Italian funeral home?”

Photo via Vanity Fair