In weird news of the day, a Taiwanese architect thought it both practical and aesthetically pleasing to make a giant, glass high-heel-shaped church. Because we all know that women worship shoes more than God.

In reality, and on Huanqiu.com, the church was designed to attract female patrons to congregate in the church. According to the always snarky and sometimes reliable Daily Mail, the Cinderella-like shoe was erected in the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area in Jaiyi County of Taiwan and it’s expected to open before the Lunar New Year on February 8th.

Gross features include chairs for “lovers,” biscuits and cakes, and plenty of light streaming in for those couple selfies (there are reportedly 100 “female-oriented features” in the entire church, but only 71 have been completed. We’ll have to wait and see what sexism lies in waiting). It’s still unclear what affiliation the church has, but if this happened 15 years ago, I wouldn’t be surprised that this would be the butt of a joke from Sex and the City (hello, lovers). It’s 55 feet tall, 36 feet wide and took over two months to build, with 320 pieces of blue tinted glass spanning the entire structure.

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What’s remarkable to me about the church itself is that I wouldn’t mind it as a strange, slightly pretty art installation. But the fact that someone, somewhere decided that the way to attract females to go to church is to make it a giant fucking shoe, is beyond my comprehension. Then again, that could be because I am a woman and obviously, if you make anything pretty and sparkly (especially if it’s a shoe, *swoon*), than I’m always going to say yes. My opinion only revolves around how good things look with me near them.

(Photos: Daily Mail/CEN)