In an ad by clothing company Roxy, five-time world champion surfer Stephanie Gilmore gets ready to go surfing. Except instead of showing anything remotely athletic, the marketing team decided to (A) not include Gilmore’s face and (B) sexualize her as much as possible despite advertising the Biarritz Competition, which is a surfing meet and — shockingly — not a Pitbull video.

Thoughts that came to me while watching this ad for the first time:

  • Why does she look so cool as a stomach sleeper, whereas I look like a cat dreaming about jumping jacks?
  • This cameraman is awfully bad at finding the subject’s face.
  • Why did she put on that shirt if she was going to take it off five seconds later?
  • Who put out all those delicious treats? Is it the same person telling her to wear a pointless coverup?
  • Oh, homegirl did not just ignore croissants and berries.
  • That white shirt is going to get so many stains.
  • Wear shoes while driving!
  • They are severely overestimating our ability to guess identities based on ass shots.
  • Oh my god, it took three shirts to get her to the fucking beach.
  • Finally. Surfing…no, wait, nevermind — it’s over.

Basically, it is a ridiculous ad full of gratuitous butt and shower shots (because we really need to be aware of how clean she is when arriving to the beach).

As a result of this being one of the dumbest, most pointless ads for a company that any of us have seen in ages, plenty of people are displeased. The company’s Facebook has been flooded with customers justifiably asking “WTF?”

The brand, pulling a “sorry we’re not sorry” via Facebook, insists that they didn’t show her face to make things ~*mysterious,*~ but I fear that this means they’re completely oblivious to the rest of women’s bodies besides their butts and other frequently sexualized body parts. Because showing her surfing but cutting her head out of frame would’ve been way too stupid; it’s not like she’s, oh, famous for being fucking amazing at surfing.