sexy halloween costume

We all agree that everyone is more than entitled to wear sexy Halloween costumes to their heart’s content, right? And obviously, the same goes for people to wear non-sexy costumes should they want to. It’s Halloween. We can be whoever we want to be. High school senior Maya has had it up to here with the options afforded to her by massive Halloween costume supplier Party City, which limits its women’s options to only the sexy variety. Maya has launched a petition to encourage Party City to simply widen their options to both sexy nurses and also nurses in scrubs. We can have it all!

Despite people (Fox News, someone’s grandma) delighting in pearl clutching and shaming all the slutty sluts who dress in sexy versions of this year’s most topical costume, if you go the costume buying route, you’ll find that there’s not much available for women that hasn’t been sexified. There simply aren’t any options.

The petition makes it clear that Maya has no issues with women who choose to dress in sexy costumes:

We understand that Halloween is a time for people to dress up however they want, and that many choose to dress the way you’ve presented in your women’s choices. We do not respect these choices any less, The problem is not that these costumes are being sold. The problem is that they are the only option. We simply ask that Party City increases its selection of realistic costumes that express a variety of comfort levels and interests.

Maya also points out that the available costumes in the “career” category are dismal.

In addition, a glance at the “women’s careers” section makes it clear that the only job for a woman is a prostitute. There are no police, only “Please, arrest me.” No doctors, only “sexy nurse.” The uniforms that actually resemble that of a doctor, astronaut, chef, and so on, are found in the men’s.

The above costume is an “Adult Firehouse Hottie” costume. Not even a sexy firewoman. Hot like fire, right? That nurse is called “Juana B. Sedated.” Calling out this blatant misogyny and sexism is fantastic, and she explains that restricting female customers to one very narrow conception of what a woman should be hurts self esteem and further ingrains misogynistic and sexist ideas. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle.

This petition is freaking awesome. Maya’s tone is respectful and doesn’t condemn women who do feel comfortable in more revealing costumes, which is a welcome break from the endemic slut shaming/bullying we see all too often among high schoolers. Her petition makes it clear that women very rarely fit into one mold, and even our Halloween costumes should have some variety. At least, the same variety and career aspirations as our male counterparts.

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Photo: Party City