Shark shopping guide

There are four consistencies in the universe:

  1. Kanye West.
  2. My inability to stop speaking after I’ve said something stupid.
  3. Kanye West’s inability to stop speaking after he’s said something stupid.
  4. A weeklong television event’s ability to captivate the entire Internet, especially when involving sea monsters that do not exist but could easily destroy the entire world.

Yes, friends: those are the rules. And they were put into place for all of our protection and entertainment.

So, how stoked for Shark Week have we been? Why, just this morning, everyone’s video producer Meg arrived bearing the very nail design she shared with us all the other day. As a result, I decided to come up with some fantastic finds for everyone to don during this magnificent week of shark-filled wonder. Of course, you can wear them all the other days, too; Shark Week is every week, after all.[ITPGallery]