Shirley Manson Who Wore It BetterI have a bad habit of calling people I like rock stars, like, “rock star fashion critic Robin Givhan,” for example. That’s causing a bit of a problem for me today because I want to talk about Shirley Manson, who is a rock star in her awesomeness but is also actually a rock star, like on her business cards. Do rock stars even have business cards? I would actually like to know.

Shirley Manson, Garbage front woman and winner of the coveted Person I Most Want to Be Award (1994-1999, 2013), has some excellent style, but wearing clothes and being compared with other beautiful women is not in her job description.

In spite of that, Us Weekly found a picture of Manson in a $3,500 leather dress by Thomas Wylde that was also worn at one point by supermodel Heidi Klum and decided it was a good idea to take the two women and crack them against each other to see which one breaks first in its regular “Who Wore It Best?” segment.

Both of them obviously looked great and styled the dress very differently. While I personally prefer the way Manson styled the dress with a crazy topknot, red lipstick, and her signature black eyeliner, most of Us Weekly‘s readers voted for Heidi Klum with her slicked-back hair and deep tan. But Manson thinks the whole exercise is humiliating, dehumanizing bullshit and wasted no time letting the world know about it, posting on her Facebook page:

How sweet to publicly humiliate women like this in the pages of magazines……….
This is what we are all up against people, in one way or another.
So stand still in the storm of criticism and raise your middle finger.
Why waste precious time and column space comparing a singer to a super model? It’s so moronic it makes me laugh….
They do it because they want us all to believe we are being judged.
Because they WANT us to hate ourselves.
Because it is so easy to sit at home anonymously and point fingers and criticize.
Well just for the record…………I think this is a despicable thing to do to people.
Because of the message it sends out to us all.
But quite frankly……I really don’t give a fig.

And later, concerned some of her fans might miss the point and attempt to continue the nonexistent Klum v. Manson war, she piped up again.

Ps. Don’t rage at Heidi Klum. I love her. It’s not Heidi who’s at fault here. She’s an extremely smart businesswoman who also happened to be a super model. Please don’t miss the point ladies and gents. Please don’t. x