stiletto whisperer

Walking in high heels can be difficult, especially on uneven terrain. But some women want to do it anyway, so a Chelsea dance studio has actually started offering a class called “How To Walk In Heels In New York City.” Hopefully there’s a section dedicated to dealing with those annoying cobblestones in the Meatpacking District.

Former shoe designer Victor Chu, who previously designed shoes for Reebok and Ugg, is the “stiletto whisperer.” According to the New York Post, his hourlong class runs $50 per person, and he had a full roster of students looking to learn how to deal with heels and manage subway grates and uneven sidewalks.

“Ninety-five percent of women don’t know how to walk in high heels,” Chu said. “Women think heels are sexy because men think they’re sexy. But you see women wear this pained expression and shuffle. I’ve seen guys giggle at them — it’s not sexy. Bottom line is, you need to be fit to walk in heels with stability.”

While Chu seems to hold the common opinion that women wear heels to make men want to have sex with them, some of his customers said they were actually trying to master heels for professional reasons. Disturbingly, even an investment banker feels like she has to wear heels to be taken seriously at work.

Marnie Hampton, a 38-year-old investment banker, told the Post that ambitious women had to wear heels.

“Our managing director once said, ‘To get the part, you have to look the part,’” she said. “You see the successful women in high heels. I’m not going to get ahead in ballet flats.”

On the face of it, that doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. As much as I might like heels, a lot of people can’t wear them for medical reasons. And a woman in flats isn’t less capable of being a banker than a woman in heels. Hell, maybe she’d be more effective because she wasn’t being distracted by pinched pinky toes or swollen foot pads. But a lot of people seem to think flats look less professional or less ambitious than heels, women included, so there’s a big market for both podiatry and classes like Chu’s, where women hope to find a way to wear heels comfortably.

Weirdly, Chu says he’s never actually worn high heels. While I have no doubt that a man could know a thing or two about walking in heels, I would generally expect that he’d have some experience doing so.

Via The New York Post/Photo: Shutterstock