Get this: Forget Black Friday or Cyber Monday – now we can spend the month of December shopping in 3D!



For the month of December, InStyle magazine has gone 3-D!

Here’s how it goes: You start by checking out the cover, and if you have a web cam, you can use that against the issue to read a special message from Taylor Swift in 3D. (I think that’s pretty sci-fi awesome.)

But the most fun part is the SHOPPING part. It’s called Gifting In 3-D, and it’s essentially using high-tech reality tech in order to let you click-to-buy all sorts of awesomeness. You’ll understand once you see the issue, but basically, you utilize the 3D and watch items come to life through a customized gift box that pops open on your screen, as well as shows a 30-second video, and gift suggestions, contests and more.


It’s a little complicated, I know. But it’s really easy. Log into the link above, and then, well, shop.

if you try it out, let me know what you think!