Why??? Why did I just buy these patent pumps from Victoria’s Secret? Am I just THAT obsessed with shopping that I had to buy these pumps!? And not just in one color either. Nope. TWO (black and red)! What has become of me?! What was I thinking!? How am I gonna walk to in these things!? I couldn’t possibly go to work in them, so where the hell am I supposed to wear them?! How dare Victoria’s Secret try to have the model appear to be in business/work attire while wearing these pumps! I mean, really, who dresses like that to go to work?


*Whispering* But, c’mon admit it though, aren’t they, like, ultra sexy?

I think I’ve been reading too many gossip blogs and studying too many Victoria Beckham pictures.  Le sigh…

Damn you Victoria’s Secret! Damn you!!!! :-D