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If there’s one thing I’ve realized about spring fashion over the past few weeks, it’s that full-length pants are out. “Look! There’s the sun,” designers across the country exclaimed. “Crop everything!” And hey, I’m in favor. I love the idea of a clothing item that is better suited for warm weather and yet does not show my translucent post-winter legs (which I also more than likely haven’t shaved).

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There are so many crazy chic cropped pants in stores right now that this list could have gone on forever. So if you’re looking for something specific that isn’t here, let me know. I guarantee I’m the best free personal shopper on the market. Now let your ankles freeee!

1. Aritzia Wilfred Cauchy Pant ($145)aritzia cauchy cropped pant“Swanky wide-leg trousers in a luxe fabric from Japan”? I’m in. This rich neutral is exactly the type of color I need more of in my wardrobe.

2. Topshop Mensy Cropped Tapered Trousers ($75)topshop cropped pantsIf you know me, you know I love menswear. Blazers? Duh. Double monk strap loafers? Yes, please. So these pants are the perfect addition to my collection.

3. J.Crew Collection Cropped Tuxedo Pant ($198 SALE $140)

jcrew cropped pants

The sexy side of menswear, am I right? I love these pants for an event or night out when a dress doesn’t feel quite right. You could also dress them down for work with a pair of loafers or even, believe it or not, upscale sneakers.

4. Aritzia Community Engels Pants ($60)aritzia cropped sweat pantCertainly the most comfortable item on this list, these sweatpants make a strong case for athleisure continuing to be a thing. Normally I’m not into people wearing any type of sweatpants during the day, but these? For these I will make an exception.

5. Topshop Boutique Wide Leg Crepe Trousers (Nordstrom, $180)

topshop pink culottes

Do you own a pair of bright pink pants? Do you know how badass you feel in bright pink pants? If the answer to either of these questions is no, I would consider investing in this beautiful creation.

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6. Forever 21 Grid Print and Gaucho Set ($44.90)

forever21 cropped printed pantsMoving to the…ahem…less expensive side of life, Forever 21 throws its hat into the cropped pants ring with these stylish gauchos. (I know, I never thought I would type that phrase either). The best part? For $45, you get an entire outfit!

7. Vince Camuto Belted Pleat Front Crop Pants (Nordstrom, $109)nordstrom cropped pants

Chic chic chic and more chic. Every woman could use these pants in her life. They are so wearable for so many occasions—an easy way to look like you’ve got it all together.

8. Cos Relaxed Jeans (£59)

cropped jeansI actually wasn’t going to include any denim on this list because I feel like jeans are a whole different animal…but then I saw this pair from COS. The shape makes them almost not look like jeans at all, but alas. Can’t you just picture Eva Chen wearing these beauties? Obviously I am purchasing these as we speak.

9. Cos Straight-Leg Cropped Trousers (£59)
cropped trousers cosCOS has some really fabulous pants you guys. The fit on this pair is perfectly loose and casual while still looking very polished. Does it make sense if I say I’m simultaneously repelled and wildly attracted by this color? I don’t know what’s happening, all I know is that I must own these.

10. ASOS Crop Pant ($40)

asos cropOh geez…this list is getting dangerous, because I genuinely want all of these pants. This pair from ASOS has a slimmer fit and shorter crop than many of the others on this list, and that color? Staaap.

11. ASOS Eleven Paris Crepe Pant in Cobalt ($188)

asos cobalt pantsI’m about to go a little ASOS crazy right now, because that have so many glorious cropped pants that we all need to own ASAP. This cobalt is fierce (as Tyra Banks would say? Not sure where that adjective came from), and the silky fabric makes them the perfect pants to dress up for a night out.

12. ASOS Mid-Length Short in Soft Green ($56 SALE $10.50)

pants asos inexpensiveI don’t have to tell you what the draw is here. There are only a few sizes left at this ridiculous price point so if you’re one of them, move move move!

13. ASOS High-Waist Utility Pants ($63)high waist cropped pants asosThese are pants that you see some ridiculously cool fashion blogger wear with heels and think, “I wish I could pull that off.” Well guess what, you can! Just go for it babe.

So which pair made it into your shopping cart?? Leave a comment!

(Featured photo: Lookbook)