patriotic americana shopping guide

I have always been a little obsessed with red, white and blue. It isn’t necessarily a patriotism thing; I just find the way that those three colors coordinate so wonderfully perfect. I also had blue hair for the better part of seven years and am extremely pale, so I suppose I am biased because whenever I wore red, I always had somebody point out my perma-patriotic status.

The colors of the our flag (and that of Puerto Rico, the UK, the Dominican Republic, Australia and many, many others) look excellent together, and celebrating that in our own personal style senses can be really fun. We did a little sleuthing for garments and trends that you can wear consisting of red, white and/or blue that will look gorgeous and be patriotically on point. More companies than ever are making Americana-colored clothing, so let’s take advantage of that! Sound good? Then take a look at our guide for all things red, white and blue![ITPGallery]