eating pantsThanksgiving is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. And perhaps even more than an actual marathon, it’s a marathon that requires some comfortable pants. Common knowledge seems to be that running 26.2 miles requires pants tighter than your actual skin. Ever tried to wear a pair of those to this marathon? HA! That’s a no go. Am I saying that eating for five hours straight is more difficult than running for five hours straight? Hey don’t look at me like that, I’m just here reporting the facts.

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Of course, there’s also that component of Thanksgiving that requires you to wear something a bit nicer than say, your Friday night eating cookie dough on the couch outfit. It’s a holiday remember. You’re seeing family. And people are going to want to take pictures. And it’s also cold. So, here are some pant options that are a huge step up from sweats but which still allow ample space for pie-induced stomach expansion. Happy Thanksgiving friends!

1. Turner Pant in Wool (J.Crew, $110)

grey wool

Mashed potatoes or not, I just flat out love these pants. I shall buy them and wear them to work on Fridays when I treat myself to a Chipotle followed by a box of Insomnia cookies (delivery, of course).

2. Leather Look Joggers (ASOS, $63) // Plus Size (ASOS Curve, $63)

leather joggersculottes plusBringing sexy back to Turkey Day am I right?

3. Contemporary Heathered Culottes (Forever 21, $20)culottesTalk about roomy. These babies will keep you super chic for pictures are super comfy for your post-dinner couch nap.

4. Pull-On Pant in Floral Lace (J.Crew, $128)floral pants

Sure these might not be stretchy all the way through, but it’s not like your thighs and butt are doing immediate day-of expanding. The waist stretch will give you plenty of space for that cute little pie belly.
5. Fancy Knit Striped Trousers (Zara, $50)thanskgiving pantsFancy indeed. And they have the added bonus of feeling almost exactly like pajama pants. Another piece of pie over here!
eloquileather culottesOh how I love these culottes. I keep almost ordering them, and I think Thanksgiving might be the perfect excuse to pull the trigger…
scubaWhat I love about these is that you know the material is going to be super comfy, but at the same time it gives a pretty silky look that will ensure your aunt never knows they’re basically sweatpants.