I ask because I have no idea! So we’re using the term “guide” loosely here.

Recently, I took a flight and realized that my suitcase was a complete piece of shit. Tattered, old, cheap, poorly made and (maybe worst of all?) really ugly. Since then, I’ve become curious about “good luggage:” what does that mean exactly? I can spout about handbag quality ad nauseum… but I don’t know up from down when it comes to suitcases or travel chests or even duffel bags. How much do you have to spend? What kind of lifespan should you expect?

Here are various pieces at various price points that I thought at least looked interesting or unusual or not bad, but really, what I want to know is: who makes your luggage and are you happy with it? Tell me about your experiences and the brands with which you’ve had good luck (or otherwise).

(Yes, that’s the Alexander McQueen for Samsonite collection that I always thought looked pretty cool)