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After a long, snowy winter, the first thing you want to do when the weather gets warm is bust out the shorts–and probably have a barbeque too. After spending months in heavy jeans and thermal leggings, you want to shed the extra layers, paint your toes and relax by the pool (if we could all be so lucky). However, we don’t want to fork out the same amount of money we would for jeans on shorts that use less than half the fabric. Plus, there are probably two or three months of the year when we get to actually let our legs see the sun, so why would we spend a lot of cash when they’re going to sit in our closet next to the formal Christmas dress for most of the year?

Credit cards ready, here are 15 pairs of shorts for under $30:

1. Mango Yellow Denim Shorts, $29.99
Mango Yellow Denim Shorts

Teeny-tiny shorts can sometimes look a little, well…slutty. A bright yellow pair with floral pockets peeking out are cute.

2. Gap Camo boyfriend roll-up shorts, $22.99

Gap Camo Boyfriend Shorts Model

Camouflage shorts might have been something your eight-year-old brother wore but with a tailored cut, this camo pair can work on the adult you too. The blue-on-blue pattern is an easy trade for regular old denim.

3. Old Navy Skinny Bermudas, $26.94

Old Navy Coral Bermuda Shorts

Daisy Dukes aren’t the only length shorts come in. A longer style is great for days when you don’t feel like shaving your legs.

4. Hot Topic Floral Shorts, $22.75

Hot Topic Floral Print ShortsDidn’t think Hot Topic could do girly? The floral print and bow detail are so cute.

5. American Eagle Printed Shorts, $24.95

American Eagle Soft Printed ShortsThe pleated shape and soft silhouette are very feminine but the zigzag pattern keeps them from being too saccharine.

6. Topshop Tile Print Shorts, $24
Topshop Navy Print ShortsWho would have thought a flower tile print and black trim could make our high school gym shorts wearable outside of PE? Oh wait, these actually fit too.

7.  ASOS Monki Leopard Shorts, $22.86

ASOS Leopard Print Shorts

What’s better than regular leopard print? Rainbow leopard print.

8. Forever 21 Daisy Print Flared Shorts, $10.80

Forever 21 Daisy Flared Shorts

With a hippie daisy print and floaty silhouette, you can buy these now and keep them for Coachella next year. You don’t have to dip into the $400 ticket saving jar that much.

9. Mossimo Lace Denim Shorts, $19.99

Mossimo White Eyelet Shorts

Thought white lace was only for grandma’s curtains? When paired with denim, it looks modern.

10. H&M Satin Lace Trim Shorts, $12.95

H&M Satin ShortsThese might look like something you would wear to bed (though they don’t have SpongeBob on them), but they’re too pretty to only wear inside.

11. Urban Outfitters Tie-Dye Bike Shorts, $24.00

Urban Outfitters Bike Shorts

Remember the bike shorts you wore as a kid? Now you can get a semi-adult version.

12. American Apparel Cuff Shorts, $26

American Apparel Cuffed Shorts

Woven denim shorts with an elastic waist just might be the perfect BBQ shorts. Bring on the hamburgers.

13. Joe Fresh Sailor Stripe Shorts, $29

Joe Fresh Sailor Shorts

Striped shorts Popeye would be jealous of (that is if he actually wore stripes).

14. Walmart Printed Denim Shorts, $12.94

Walmart Printed Denim Shorts

 Yes, these shorts are from Walmart. If you’ve never gone into the clothing section, do yourself a favor and take a look the next time you’re in stocking up on toilet paper.

15. JC Penney Print Shorts, $9.99

JC Penney Print Shorts

The print on these shorts remind me of a Rorschach ink blot mixed with a kaleidoscope. Groovy.