The answer to the question Should Men Get Pedicures? is both a Yes and a No. It really depends on who the guy is, and his lifestyle. I suspect most Metrosexual guys like Ryan Seacrest do get pedicures. Heck, I remember my own Dad getting pedicures.

Should Men Get Pedicures?

Should Men Get Pedicures?

Since I’m being honest here, I might as well share that some of my girlfriends give their husbands pedicures, respectively. There’s nothing wrong with getting your toenails cut, filed, and buffed. Or your feet rubbed, massaged, and scrubbed with callus stones.

I think the major misconception when someone mentions Men’s pedicures is that Men getting their toenails painted. I know a few Men who has done that, except with clear coats. Nothing in bright colors like pink or red like Women do. I could assume that Punk Rockers get their toenails painted in black but that might be generalizing in my part. I’ll take this opportunity to apologize if that’s the case.

Like I said from the beginning, it’s really up to who the guy is. There is nothing wrong with a guy getting a pedicure. Consider it as part of your foot grooming routine and just go for it.

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