Are we actually going to believe that shredded/frayed/distressed jeans are the IT jeans for our Back-To-School fashionistas? Seriously, that’s where fashion is going? Coz if it is, then we might have to knock some sense into people starting today.


I refuse to believe that our back-to-school fashionistas are going to grace their schools wearing shredded/frayed/distressed jeans. If there are any young readers out there, please don ‘t succumb to this trend. Coz that’s what this is, a trend.

Show up looking like you mean business instead. That you are serious in learning Calculus, Psychology, Chemistry, History, Literature, and all that good stuff. shredded/frayed/distressed jeans are not chic. Youthful? That’s debatable. It’s possible to look chic and be youthful at the same time.

Do you think Blair or Serena would wear those jeans to school? Of course they’ll wear something way more expensive than Forever21 but believe it or not, there are other clean, classic, and cute jeans out there from affordable merchants that would look better that these shredded ones. Old Navy and L.E.I are great examples. Forever21 has them too, just dig around. Or go to the classic Levi’s.

Trust me, you don’t want to look back 10 years from now and say to yourself, “I can’t believe I went to school wearing those jeans”.

(Image : Forever21)