Forget Fashion Month, the 2017 awards season had just as many major fashion moments. There were so many gorgeous gowns, beauty looks and gobstopper-sized jewels that we don’t even know where to begin. Sadly, the Oscars signals an end of the official awards season and all of the dazzling red carpets. While there definitely are still lots of big events to look forward to, those people who are addicted to awards show season red carpets will be a bit sad now that the Oscars are over. If you’re feeling a bit bummed, these are the other signs that you’re definitely addicted to awards season red carpets:

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1. You watch the red carpet but not the actual awards show.

You have to watch the red carpet coverage. Period. And you have to watch it live. You might watch the awards show, but it’s mostly to see the host’s changing outfits or in case anyone else pulls a hot change.

2. You think there should be a rule that full outfit credits are listed on the television.

Asking someone before they walk away what designer they’re wearing isn’t acceptable. You want a full credit list of everything people are wearing from their gown to the jewels to even their hairspray. And you want it clearly displayed on a bar at the bottom of your TV while the interview is being conducted. You need to know where everything is from so you can Google it later and drool over it.

3. You get very upset when they skip a celebrity.

You’re tempted to throw your popcorn and chips at the TV when they show someone stepping out of their limo, but they never actually show someone on the red carpet. There should be a rule that every outfit gets seen.

4. You want even more coverage.

Every awards show season, you’re hoping that celebs will start documenting their entire red carpet regimen from the time they get up until the time they step out of the limo. You want to see it all. You want to see the shoes being selected, the body tape being applied and the hair being pinned up.

5. You get very upset when they make celebrities in gowns climb difficult stairs.

Have the people running these red carpets not realized how difficult it is to walk around in a gown and heels? Don’t they want to make it easy on the celebrities? Or do they want to see the dresses get wrinkled and for someone to trip over their hem? Yeesh.

6. You don’t even mind the filler.

No one hitting the red carpet? No problem. You’ll wait. You will watch the red carpet pre-show, the red carpet pre-pre-show, and the post-awards show. And of course you will watch anything and everything that discusses the outfits after the show has aired. You just cannot get enough.

7. You cannot watch any red carpet coverage that doesn’t include shots of the entire look.

How can you possibly tell what an outfit looks like if you only see it from the waist up? You want a head to toe view of the look. Actually, you want a 360-degree panoramic shot of the outfit and you want it repeated in slow motion. You need to see all of the details.

8. You think that all red carpet looks should be displayed in a museum at the end of awards season.

Just imagine how fabulous that would be. It’s one thing to see the looks on TV in HD, but there’s nothing like seeing them in person. Just the idea alone is enough to make you swoon,