Some of us are shoe girls, with others are all about purses. Then there are those who adore jewelry. If you get a bit weak in the knees whenever you see something with a diamond on it, you know what we’re talking about. If you love your bling, you probably love costume jewelry as much as gemstones. And it is likely that you not-so-secretly wish that you were royalty just for the fact that you could wear a sparkly tiara all of the time.

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Take a look at the other signs that you are definitely addicted to jewelry:

1. You consider getting more piercings just so you can wear more things in your jewelry box.


You like piercings, but there are times when you consider getting one just so you have another hole to add jewelry to as opposed to thinking about anything else.

2. You think that rule about taking off one accessory before you leave the house is complete nonsense.


In your world, it’s more like add three more before you step out of the door.

3. The thought of fitting all your jewelry inside a single jewelry box is a joke.


The only way that would happen is if you found a jewelry box that was approximately eight feet wide by ten feet tall by eight feet deep.

4. You have cried when you’ve lost an earring.


Why does this happen? It’s upsetting whether the earring cost $5 or $500. It would almost be less painful if you lost both of them because then you wouldn’t have a lone earring taunting you in your jewelry box.

5. You feel naked without any accessories.


If you went out only wearing a crop top, you would probably feel less strange than if you left the house without wearing earrings, a few bracelets and a watch.

6. You love staring at your jewelry as much as you love wearing it.


You have looked up all of the creative ways of how to store your jewelry and your entire place is filled with them. You’ve got a bowl of bracelets in your bathroom and a corkboard with necklaces in your bedroom that you love gazing at.

7. You spend your time daydreaming about your perfect engagement ring.


It doesn’t matter whether you are single, married, or already engaged, you still fantasize about your ultimate dream engagement ring.

8. Looking at vintage jewelry in museums makes you salivate.


You would gladly give up all the modern conveniences like Snapchat, electricity and chia pudding pods if it meant you could go back in time and rock some of those fabulous jewels.

9. Necklace and bracelet tangles are the bane of your existence.


You keep your jewelry very neatly organized but those pesky tangles still happen. You’ve lost hours of your life you will never get back using a safety pin to get teeny tiny knots out.

10. You’ve survived on nothing but plain toast so you could afford that special piece.


You think of jewelry as an investment and you know that some investments require a bit of money. You’re willing to make sacrifices for a special piece…or pieces.

11. You are probably wearing at least 10 lbs of jewelry at any given time.


And you don’t even notice the weight of all of your accessories.

12. If you could live inside Tiffany & Co, you would.


Even if you were just able to spend one night there, you would feel that you’ve died and gone to jewelry heaven.