I saw a young woman wearing a gorgeous necklace with a silver bird (I think it was a barn swallow) on it the other day.  I immediately wanted one for myself & I’ve been trying to track one down :-)  I haven’t found the exact one – but these are pretty close!

silver antique swallow necklace from shana logic

This is Shana Logic’s “Antique Swallow” necklace.

the birds and the bees necklace from pickypicky

I adore this “The Birds & The Bees” necklace from PickyPicky!

brass sparrow swallow bird vintage necklace

I think this brass necklace by Aversionx is the closest one so far…

Somewhere in my jewelery box, I’ve got a silver sparrow or barn swallow charm – it may be worthwhile spending some time in my jewelery studio and creating my own version :-)