sincerelyjules coachella

Thank you, gorgeous fashion bloggers of the Instagram community, for allowing us to live vicariously through your daily photos. We want to take some time today to praise Julie Sariñana— or sincerelyjules, as you might know her– for never ceasing to amaze us with her style and creativity. Here are 10 of her all-time best looks!

sincerelyjules in montmartre

1. I love this chaotic layering. The dark gray and the coral are a striking combination, and all the different fabrics and textures make it impossible to look away.

sincerelyjules plaid shirt

2. These pieces shouldn’t work with each other… but they totally do. She looks like a fashionable hybrid of Arnold from Hey Arnold and Angela from My So-Called Life. Love.

sincerelyjules orange coat

3. I’ve always loved stop-and-look-at-me pieces like this orange coat. I think this is the look Macklemore was going for in the “Thrift Shop” video, but Julie did it the right way.

sincerelyjules furry jacket

4. And here she goes again with the furry statement jackets! I love this one too much for words. Or maybe I’m just always speechless in the presence of a great Chanel bag.

sincerelyjules moto vest

5. I love the way she juxtaposes a really laid-back piece (like an oversized t-shirt) with a strong pattern (like her polka dot skirt). Her moto vest is awesome, too.

sincerelyjules topshop romper

6. I can’t get enough of this Topshop romper. It’s odd and it’s gorgeous.

sincerelyjules maisonstandards sweatshirt

7. I’ve always admired anyone who can make a gray sweatshirt look expensive and glamorous, and she definitely accomplishes that with this outfit. Maybe it’s her Louis Vuitton bandana that makes it work.

sincerelyjules messy hair

8. I have such a love/hate relationship with the kind of hair that looks like you made it messy on purpose. Julie looks especially gorgeous when she rocks a “I didn’t even try” hairstyle, and I’m forever jealous that I can’t pull it off as well as she can.

sincerelyjules dvf sneakers

9. I would never think to wear sneakers with the rest of this outfit, but I adore how all the pieces work together to make her look confident, outgoing, and fun. The dress is pretty much flawless on its own, too.

sincerelyjules black hat

10. Julie’s style doesn’t usually overlap with mine– I like looking at her clothes more than I could ever imagine myself wearing them– but this is one outfit that I kind of want to steal from her. The jewelry is exceptional, too.