Newly-minted Baume & Mercier ambassador Gwyneth Paltrow showed up to a “luxury watch fair gala” in Switzerland. I don’t know what goes on at “luxury watch fair galas” but I’m pretty certain there’s lots of corndogs and pony rides.

Anyway, here she is in a blush-pink tank dress with a ruffled hem. Points for her? Woman has a phenomenal figure and if I had Tracy Anderson kicking my ass 6-times-a-week in two-hour sessions, I’d probably wear super tight blush-pink tank dresses too. But I also think this look is pretty lame and boring.

Sidenote: it’s in no way Paltrow’s fault that the lighting sucks in this shot and totally harshes her out.

But. As for the dress, can’t she do better?

…Or at least entertainingly worse?

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(via People)