Look, normally I’d say an actress in Elie Saab is pretty obvious: the label churns out red carpet ready dresses like… like… flowing, romantic, lace-y mermaid gowns are going out of style.

But these two make sense together. After all, Halle’s the one who put Elie Saab on the map when she wore the house’s striking sheer gown to accept her Oscar for Monster’s Ball.

So, on the one hand, Halle Berry looks great. She’s Halle Berry. It’s a great color on her; she looks so glowy and her accessories are admirably bare.

But she’s at the Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards! Couldn’t she have worn something just slightly more interesting?

So. I feel like this is just a glaringly safe choice. But, if anyone can pull off a boring dress, it’s a woman as gorgeous as Halle Berry. So:

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And here’s the dress on the runway (via Style.com):