Jumpsuits are hard to pull off, especially if they aren’t made exactly for your body: if you don’t have that perfect proportion of torso to leg, a jumpsuit looks awk. Fit is critical with these and that’s why they’re hard to buy off the rack and moreover, why they’re seldom done really well.

Who knows if Paz Vega got this fall 2010  Salvatore Ferragamo version tailored to her, as I can’t help but think it looks a little baggy. Then again, if we note the way it appeared on the runway (below), it’s supposed to look a little louche (though it helps to be impossibly tall and thin like Magdalena Frackowiak).

Honestly, I think Paz is kind of rocking this. It looks so chic and relaxed, almost like a fresh, unusual variation on a great trouser suit.

But I’m not sure if this look is a straight-up win (maybe I just really want to be sold on jumpsuits?), so I’m turning it over to you.

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The look as it appeared on the Ferragamo runway, worn by Magdalena Frackowiak:

(Photo of Paz Vega via Harper’s Bazaar, Ferrgamo via Style.com)