Remember when the FTC said Reebok‘s claims about their butt-sculpting Easy Tone sneakers were full of shit? Remember when they forced Reebok to cough up $25 million to reimburse customers they lied to? We laughed, we cried–we laughed that people would think sneakers can sculpt their butts, we cried because they bought them.

Now the same thing is happened to Skechers, over their well known Shape Ups. …To the tune of $40 million:

Skechers agreed to pay $40 million to settle charges it misled consumers with the claims, which ad expert Sut Jhlally says were “shocking” in their specificity. One said Skechers’ Resistance Runners would raise “muscle activation” up to 85% for some posture-related muscles, and 71% for one buttocks muscle.

The settlement is believed to be the FTC’s largest ever involving consumer refunds, Vladeck says. The amount of each refund will depend on how many eligible buyers file to receive them.

Great. Again, we wish people wouldn’t be such suckers, but we’re glad Sketchers can’t just go around blanketing billboards with ridiculous claims (like other companies).

And, since we like to end on a joke:

(USA Today, Photo of Kardashians via Getty)