relaxed fit sketchers

Are ultra-comfortable shoes the next big trend? Are the days of shoving your feet into little torture devices coming to an end? Sketchers is getting a lot of attention for their new “Relaxed Fit” shoes, and certain fashion bloggers are starting to wonder if less-than-comfy alternatives are about to face some real competition.

The line has a variety of different styles, and while some of them are grandma-ish, others are legitimately cute. According to Sketchers, the line was “inspired by the popularity of relaxed fit jeans” and built to feature “roomier construction and enhanced cushioning.” I knew skinny jeans were all but dead, but I had no idea we were heading into a world of mom jeans and mom shoes.

Will I be making the switch over to ugly shoes that won’t require me to get bunion surgery? That’s a hard question. In my life, I’ve taken a lot of different approaches to the idea that “beauty is pain.” I’ve been the type to walk around in too-tight heels until one of my toenails fell off, I’ve been the type to go weeks on end without wearing a bra, I’ve been the type to squeeze into jeans that left lines on my legs, and I’ve been the type to live in sweatpants until my friends staged an intervention. The line between “there’s no excuse to look like a hobo” and “life’s too short to wear uncomfortable shit” is blurry for me. At the very least, these do seem cuter than some of their frumpy cousins… and literally anything is better than Crocs.

Via Refinery29 / Photo: Sketchers