For women of color, being bootylicious is a both a blessing and a curse, especially when it comes to finding jeans that accommodate our curves.  Well, two brands have got us covered, literally.

Designed by Brazilian mother-daughter duo Kathy Moca and Emilie Moca Whitaker, Beija-Flor jeans work with a woman’s figure and come in an assortment of funky styles and colors.  I love the pretty in pink “Taryn” jean – it reminds me of a pair I rocked in junior high when I was way into Rick Springfield (ok, I just dated myself big time).  At $186 a pair, the jeans are a tad pricey, but think of it as a wise investment for denim that will fit like a glove.  Beija-Flor means “hummingbird” in Portuguese and the jeans come with the brand’s signature bird logo sewn on the front pocket. 


Since I’m a budget shopper by nature, another brand of jeans tailored to fit real women with curves at the nicer price of $24.99 is Fashion Bug’s Right Fit line.  The jeans are color-coded to accommodate three body types: Yellow for straight from hips to waist; Red for moderately curvy from hips to waist; and Blue for curvy girls fullest at the hips.Thanks to the forgiving sizing system, I wear a slim size 7 Red, and my favorite pair is the stretchy black sandblast with cool stitching on the back pockets. Right Fit is also available at Lane Bryant.   


Hot mamas, I want to hear from you.  What jeans fit you the best? And how much are you willing to spend for the right fit?

Photo credits: Right Fit and Beija-Flor