When I saw that Gwyneth Paltrow wore a tight leather dress in Madrid on Monday while promoting Hugo Boss’ “Boss Nuit Pout Femme” scent, I instantly thought two things:

  1. Her facial expression looks so smug, she might actually consume a nearby person’s soul and digest them into GOOP.
  2. That dress looks incredibly uncomfortable.

Paltrow is one of the more unfunnily awkward and unrelateable celebrities out there, so I wasn’t surprised that something she wore didn’t strike me as an oh-my-goodness-must-have. But then again, that’s how I feel about all leather clothing.

It’s not one of those things that I feel only looks good on celebrities, musicians or models; in fact, I think it looks ridiculous because they have so much access to better clothing. I know leather is a huge staple in a lot of people’s wardrobes, but apart from the fact that I don’t wear fur, leather and the like anyway, I also have never thought it looked good on anybody. Ever.

And believe me, I’ve tried to change my mind: I own a faux-leather trench and thought it looked great until I saw a picture of it and realized how horribly rigid it looked. It didn’t flow the way I prefer cloth to, nor did it flatter my shape in any way. So instead, I tried a tight leather dress similar to Paltrow’s above; I am so glad I went shopping alone that day, as I looked like a blow-up doll being slowly swallowed by an anaconda. It was uncomfortable, ill-fitting (even when I tried on three different sizes) and, despite only having each short-sleeved dress on for a few minutes, felt entirely too warm.

If there is something I’m missing entirely in the “skintight leather” look, let me know, because I feel like I’m completely devoid of any desire to wear or admire something that’s shiny and stiff. I feel a bit conflicted, though, because I also think it’s probably strange to just avoid an entire material.

Pic via HuffingtonPost.