Would you like to demonstrate your holiday cheer while simultaneously demonstrating you are a bad ass? Or perhaps there’s a chilly metal fan in your life for whom a reindeer sweater just won’t cut it? Maybe you just want to defy all my helpful life tips and wear something undeniably hilarious? Enter this amazing Slayer sweater, which is covered in skulls, pentagrams, and the word “SLAYER” in vaguely Christmas-y colors.

Accept no substitutes; this is the actual, authorized version right from the official Slayer merchandise store. And it’s made of 100% cotton, so you know not a single farm animal was molested to further the goals of thrash metal (this time).

It’s currently sold out, but I have faith the Slayer sweater will return when it is ready. In the meantime, kick back, pour yourself a glass of sacrificial blood, and change the words to Slayer’s classics to turn them into festive Christmas songs:

Raining cheer!
From a lacerated sky!
Bleeding its good tidings!
Creating my carols!
Now I shall reign in cheer!



(Via Laughing Squid)