smart pjs

Are you a parent who theoretically understands what it means to be a good parent (tucking your little one into bed, reading them a story until they fall asleep, etc, etc) but hates the act of actually parenting? Good news! There’s a set of ‘Smart PJs‘ that will read your child a bedtime story for you.

The pajamas are not even that difficult to operate (somehow I felt like you’d have to train them to voices). All you need to do is download a free app and scan one of the dots on the pajamas. It will then read the story aloud.

It can also do lullabies.

Doesn’t that sound a little bit… artificial? As though you are letting your child experience its most meaningful moments with machines? That kid is going to try to marry an iPod when it grows up,

The Telegtaph reports: 

Getting children to go to bed can be a battle in and of itself. First you have to get them into their pyjamas and then you have to read them a story”.

But now there are Smart Pajamas These are the “world’s first and only interactive bedtime clothing that will actually read your children a story”. At first I thought this was a spoof, but sadly not. It seems there is someone out there who believes parents will spend their hard earned cash on a machine to read a bedtime story to their child. Will said machine do the funny voices? No. Will it make the Gruffalo very scary? I doubt it. Will it add the splash sound when the wolf climbs up the pig’s house, and down the chimney into the boiling water? Unlikely.

I feel like the writer at The Telegraph is a little hung up on the Gruffalo (a scary children’s book monster) but this whole concept keeps reminding me of those monkeys who clink to socks because they do not have mothers. Maybe just sit and read your kid a story and don’t let their clothing do all the work for you. I don’t know! Just a thought.

That said, I would buy these, because as an adult, I would like to be read to before bed. I promise I would not wear them to work.

Picture via Smart PJs