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SNICK, Nickelodeon’s Saturday-night programming block for older kids in the 90s, was an important part of our childhoods. While cooler kids might have had shit to do on Saturday nights, we stayed home to watch some of the most important and fashionable TV of the 90s. Yes, fashionable. In fact, there are a lot of style lessons we took from SNICK. Even if you were cool enough to have weekend plans that took you away from your television set, SNICK had style lessons it’s not too late to learn. Here are 10 of them:

You Need This Hat


That bold red and black plaid is a must-have in any decade. You definitely need to own this hat, or at least a cool coat in that pattern. Even a fashion cape would be great. A dancing tattoo would also be très chic.

Fuck Gender Norms

gromble real monsters

If you want to wear high heels or a tuxedo or red lipstick or short hair, just do it. Life is too short to hide your light under a basket to make other people more comfortable. Those people are probably losers anyway. You do you, and let them do them.

Red-Haired Dudes Are So Hot

pete and peteSo hot.

Don’t Wear Too Much Perfume

clarissa perfume

The scent forums will lead you astray on this one—we seriously saw a dude suggest that the perfect amount of fragrance was subtle, but when you left the room everyone would have a faint reminder of your presence. NO! If people can smell you after you have left the room, you are wearing way, way too much perfume. Fragrance is the one area where less really is more. As long as you’re clean, nobody ever talks shit about the person wearing too little perfume, but everyone hates the person wearing too much.

Splurge On Cute Workout Clothes

artie pete and peteFun clothes will make your workout seem like less of a chore.

Embrace Your Flaws

all that

You could spend your whole life trying to match an artificial and impossible standard of beauty, or you could just rock on with your bad self and have a life so great nobody notices your ears. Your “flaws” are probably a much bigger deal to you than to anybody else, anyway.

Wear Something Sparkly

giphy-16A bit of glitter or sequin is never uncalled for. No matter how staid your event, there’s always room for a little bit of flair.

Everything Can Be Layered

clarissa perfumeHave a print that’s too busy? Layer it under a vest or shrunken T-shirt. Don’t worry about matching. When you can wear everything in your closet together, your wardrobe is three times its size.

Fedoras: No More Than One Per Crew


Workaholics put the philosophy into words, but Kenan and Kel knew this long ago: If a fedora must happen, only one of you can wear it. Figure out who gets the fedora in advance.

What You Are Wearing Now Will Embarrass You Someday


No matter what you are wearing, someday you will be embarrassed by it. And then someday you will look back on it fondly. Play with the trends you like, ignore the ones you don’t. Don’t stress about it too much. “Classic” dressing is boring.

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