In the event you haven’t seen the new Brad Pitt commercial for Chanel No. 5, here it is in all its college-senior-in-a-Philosophy-101-class-impressing-freshman glory (favorite comment: “Brad Pitt is slowly morphing into Jeff Bridges”). It’s so strange and I just can’t tell if it’s meant to be serious or completely ridiculous in that particular way fashion is supposed to be completely ridiculous on a regular basis.

Perhaps I should’ve stuck it out with my initially declared film studies minor so I might better understand what exactly is going on there, but instead, I  think I’ll just assume that Chanel is just fucking with the general public. That, and they realized that no matter what weird marketing they do, people will still buy extremely expensive items with two opposing Comedy Central logos on them.

Fortunately, I’m not the only one who’s found Brad Pitt’s foray into the fashion house to be extremely silly; plenty of shows, like Conan O’Brien’s, have been parodying the campaign.

My favorites, though, have been the Saturday Night Live fake commercials using actor Taran Killam who looked quite a bit like Brad Pitt had he been cast in The Princess Bride. They make fun of the confusing rambling that literally made me blush, slightly embarrassed for Pitt, whom I imagined nobody ever has had to be embarrassed for considering he is, for all intents and purposes, one of the most widely acknowledged “beautiful people” in the world. Check them out:

There are also a couple others that  you can watch either on Hulu or Huffington Post, but they involve dog fucking and sketchy dermatology so I figured I’d just post these two. To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of SNL this week since the only high point was Bruno Mars being attractively adorable. Plus, there was a pretty ridiculous/unpleasant rape joke, so that got a downvote from me.

Anyway, I wonder if Brad is wishing he’d just stuck with his “fuck being a spokesmodel” policy while Angelina is urging him to “finish things he starts like a big boy.” I like to imagine celebrities as angry children for some reason; it makes them easier to understand.

Pic via Eonline.