"Next I'll be doing a line of cone bras and bar jackets!"

First bit of bad news: Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has a handbag collection because… because of fucking course she does. The pieces are available online.

Second bit of bad news: she blatantly, unapologetically knocked off Alexander McQueen‘s signature hardware.

Now, every time we post about someone knocking off someone else–even when it’s the signature handles, say, of bags identified by their handles–there are inevitably a few commenters who whine, “But they’re not completely, totally identical down to the last detail!” To them I’d like to preemptively say: shut up. That’s not what we talk about when we’re talking about trademark infringement.

So, although McQueen doesn’t make a fugly foldover purse in cheap purple faux leather, doesn’t mean this isn’t a shockingly transparent knockoff. First, Snooki:

Next, a randomly selected McQueen knuckle duster clutch:


Now, we’re of the opinion that putting any old brass knuckles on your purse is a pretty obvious reference to McQueen. After all, the house has made countless styles, such that the knuckles have become synonymous with their accessories. If you’re unconvinced, fine, let’s take a closer look at Snooki’s hardware:

There we are. Left to right: sideways skull, big fuck-off gemstone, front-facing skull and flowers.

We hope McQueen sues her face off.

(MTV Style)