First, Snooki brought the world her own line of fuzzy slippers. Then, she wrote a book. And now, she’s debuting a line of sunglasses, with a company called Poof Nation.

The sunglasses look cute, yadda yadda, they’re pink, she tweeted a picture (see above).

But let’s talk about the real issue here, shall we? And that is, the name of the company: Snooki is subtly and without fanfare creating something called “POOF NATION.”

Now, perhaps this resonates more with me because I’m from Boston, and so I was born into Red Sox nation. That means that I know firsthand what calling something a “nation” does, and I’ll tell you: it creates a whole underground community (yes, Red Sox nation is underground, you have no idea where we meet in secret) of people who connect over a shared characteristic or sense of identity. In other words, in this case, we are saying that having a poof — and the lifestyle, skin tone and values that a poof represents — is something that will unite Jersey Girls and their allies across state lines, across political affiliations…hell, for all I know, across international borders.

It’s just something to think about.

Otherwise, the glasses are cute.