Look, I know that everyone outside of LA hates Uggs with shorts (or just Uggs, period). But I think the combination is hilarious and therefore, awesome.

What you have to understand about Uggs and shorts in Southern California is that the climate here supports the choice. It’s not humid like other parts of the country, so the inside of the boots won’t become a sweaty, nasty mess like they would elsewhere. That, and the shoes are comfortable as fuck, so why not?

Anyway, in this picture Snooki is in Italy, and I can’t speak to the temperatures there at this moment in time. I also can’t tell you if these are Uggs or just look a lot like them. But either way, I think what Snooki is wearing here is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I believe she’s serious about these shoes, but if she’s not, she pulls off ironic clothing choices better than every hipster in Silver Lake. You go with your furry-ass feet, Snooki. You rock those faux-animal cadavers. We support you.