Sofia Vergara wears a sparkling diamond ring on her engagement finger while out for lunch with a friend in LA

In case you had any ideas about her just being a pretty face (and body), Sofia Vergara is proving her business savvy and her hilarity by pulling one over on all of us. She’s been spotted out and about with a very shiny diamond on a certain lefthand finger, but it’s not because she’s engaged to Joe Manganiello. She’s just using the power of the rumor mill to get thousands of people to look at one of the rings in her new Kay Jewelers collection. So brilliant.

Refinery29 points out just how obviously Sofia’s holding her hand to give the cameras a closeup of her ring, and I also can’t help but notice the little smirk on her face. She knows what she’s doing. She’s a comedy actress on Modern Family and in real life.

I have to give Sofia kudos for joining some of my other favorite celebs in one of my favorite celeb pastimes: figuring out how to manipulate the paparazzi into working for them. Lindsay Lohan says she posts so many selfies because then they can’t get a paycheck out of revealing what she’s wearing each day. Daniel Radcliffe says he used to wear the same outfit for part of every day so that it’d look like the paps were just getting lots of pictures of the same afternoon. Taylor Swift knows they’re going to be there when she gets out of the gym, so she dresses to the nines and ruins their chances of catching her sweaty and disheveled. You know what they always say! If you can’t beat ’em, just make sure they fail at their mission and you end up on top.

Via Refinery29 / Photo: Pacific Coast News