Beyonce Solange Christmas Throwback

We’re always curious to see how celebrates celebrate the holidays now, but who doesn’t love seeing throwback photos of celebs’ Christmases when they were kidsSolange Knowles posted a few photos of her, Beyoncé and their parents celebrating Christmas in the 1990s and they are almost too cute for words. I mean, they are wearing matching red-and-green plaid party dresses.

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In one photo, Solange and Beyoncé are posing on the sofa with their mother Tina and father Matthew. (Can we take a minute to admire how #flawless Tina looks in her black lace outfit?) Both sisters have the same “why-are-you-taking-my-photo-I-want-to-open-presents” expressions. Solange captioned the photo:

“‘Can’t be be bothered’ since 90….. Merry Christmas!”

Solange Throwback Christmas

In another picture, Solange is admiring the Christmas ornaments. She appears to like them so much, that she has wrapped herself up in a festive garland. This just proves that even back in the day, Solange always knew how to style herself in a very cool, unique way.

Beyonce Solange Christmas Throwback 2

In the last shot, Beyoncé is posing by the window, possibly wondering why there isn’t any snow outside, while Solange is hamming it up for the camera. It’s no surprise that these two became stars. They know how to work the camera whether they’re doing their best nonchalant paparazzi faces, looking excited or being goofy. They are even rocking those red-and-green plaid poufy party dresses. It almost makes me want to dig out my fancy 1990s polyester dresses, for the next holiday party.

(Photos: Instagram/SaintRecords)