The sartorially unfuckwithable Solange Knowles dropped a new music video today. And what kinds of awesome things does she wear in it? All the awesome things, dummy.

Shot at the Kings Flea Market in Houston, Texas, the video soundtracks “Lovers in the Parking Lot,” a slow and wistful jam off last year’s excellent True EP. (She’s indie, so she can do things like that.) In it, Solange dances out her sadness in an abandoned flea market/shopping mall wearing outfits as effervescent as herself. It was a little hard to take good screenshots with the dark lighting and full-body-shot-averse style of the video, but to the best of my abilities, here they are.

1. The opening shot is of Solange standing in the dark in a pair of sneakers with light up shoelaces and pants decorated with both smiley and frowny faces. These conflicting emotions are no doubt meant as a nod to the bittersweet feeling of the song. sneakers1

Then we zoom out to find she’s wearing an awesome blue-green ’80s style sweatshirt on top:


Dance the pain away!


2. The outfit that does the majority of the heavy lifting is this shiny pink shorts/tucked in pink sweater combo:


Solange does an impressive job with the choreography despite her sexy, sexy heels. She’s also wearing some dangly gold bling on her wrists and fingers:


3. On the topic of shiny short shorts, she also briefly wears an outfit featuring a shiny collared shirt as well as shiny shorts. This is the best shot I could get of it!shiny1

4. Towards the end of the video, she walks around in only Gerlan Jeans undies and a robe, a next level fashion trick I do not suggest you try at home.robe1


You really only see her shoes and pedicure in one shot, which is a shame as they are perfect.


5. And just when you think you’ve seen all the outfits, she busts out this amazing sparkly pink dress. Ta-da!


Unfortunately, you never see it very well. But the top half sure is nice.



Watch the full video below.

[youtube_iframe id=”Ed0BMSfEwuI”]

(Via Pitchfork)