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I have a confession to make: up until very recently, I was not on board the Solange Knowles train. To me she was just Beyonce’s kid sister, forced to spend her life in the shadows of one of the world’s biggest stars. I didn’t care about Solange’s music; I paid no attention to her fashion and beauty choices; and I knew nothing about her personal life beyond two facts: she has a son, and she once beat up her brother-in-law in an elevator.
It wasn’t until photos of Solange’s wedding party graced my laptop screen that I realized I had been seriously neglecting a true fashion icon. Solange married music video director Alan Ferguson in November 2014, and Beyonce blessed us all by sharing photos of the big day on her Instagram account. Who could ever forget Solange’s stunning bridal jumpsuit and the pictures of the Knowles and Ferguson women standing together, staring at the camera like queens while dressed in head-to-toe white? The images are burned into my mind! Forever!
After her wedding photos brought me into the light, I hopped on board the Solange train and I have no intentions of ever disembarking. And why would I want to? Solange’s sartorial choices haven’t let me down yet.
Just yesterday, Solange attended the Veuve Clicquot Carnival party at the Thompson Hotel in Miami Beach wearing a dress that can only be described as see-through chic. Check it out for yourself here:
solagne far
                            (Photo: Brett Kaffee/Thibault Monnier/Pacific Coast News)
How gorgeous is that? The totally transparent skirt is a look that Princess Diana invented and Solange perfected. She looks incredibly tasteful but also subtly sexy. Like, I want to wear this dress to brunch. I want to drink a mimosa on a rooftop patio in this dress.
You need to see the dress from the front to really appreciate its beauty:
solange close up
                      (Photo: Brett Kaffee/Thibault Monnier/Pacific Coast News)
Ugh, it’s so pretty and feminine and light and I love it so much! I can’t deal. 
I also love that Solange wore a rosy champagne-colored dress to an event hosted by a champagne house where she inevitably downed a glass or two of champagne. She is truly living the dream. 
So, what do you think? Did Solange Knowles just make you want to live in transparent skirts all spring and summer, or is this a look that only celebrity style icons can pull off? Let’s talk it out in the comments, shall we?