What is it with the English and crazy hats? Is the whole “stiff upper lip” thing oppressing them so much that habedashery has become their only outlet for all of the bottled up emotions they have inside? If so, that sucks for them, but the amazing creations protruding from their heads are kind of worth it from where I’m sitting.

This latest in this fantastical hat parade is designer Katharine Hamnet, who wore the above awesome-strosity to receive her C.B.E. (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) medal from the Queen herself. The Daily Mail thinks she looked like Sideshow Bob, but I’d be more inclined to compare her to one of those chickens with the funny head feathers. She also looks sort of like some crazy tree-part fell on her on her way to the ceremony, and she just didn’t notice:

In any case, Grazia thinks he wore the hat to express her ambivalence about being legitimized by the very government she has, at times, criticized. “I kind of tend to pooh-pooh these kind of things but at the same time it’s frightening how nice it is,” she told the Mail. So basically, I was right. What will those poor repressed aristocrats think of to put on their heads next?