I found this hairpiece on Etsy. While I’m not sure that I would rock it (or the deer-in-headlights look of the model), it does an incredible job of making me want to stuff my face with every kind of food I can get my hands on.

It’s called the “Hot Fudge Ripple” Hairpiece, which in and of itself made me put down my computer and head to the freezer to scavenge the ice cream coated in five layers of frost that’s probably been in the back of the fridge since ’09. There’s no shame in that game.

But I challenge you to not do the same when you read the following product description:

“As shiny, dark hot fudge drizzles around a soft scoop of appealing ice cream, you wrap your hairpiece around you. The warmth of this deep brown silky piece is as sweet as a sundae, and as tasteful, too. The soft fabric is as light as whipped cream, while the long length and wideness give you enough chocolate to get cozy in. Details like rippling ruffles running up and down one side, fun feather fringe, and glimmering, peacock threading throughout really put the cherry on top of your wardrobe. Wear with your fave winter or spring coat, stylish skinnies, and wool-trimmed booties, and you’ll have quite a treat.”