Just look at this cow in her fancy hats! She is clearly ready for a day at the Kentucky Derby or the type of picnic that’s full of champagne and expensive chocolates! For these are not the type of hats that just anyone could pull off, or any cow for that matter. But Hermione can because she’s French and you know what they say about the French. Well, they say lots of things about the French, to be honest, but let’s not focus on any one particular point.

French photographer, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, who is known for his videos and fashion shoots, decided to try something a wee bit different. Instead of draping the tiny frames of models with couture items, he decided to hand over such exquisitely made accessories to a very photogenic and, may I add, stunning cow. Just look at how she makes love to the camera! She’s serious, contemplative and yet nonchalant — basically, she is a professional and a star on the rise.

Hermione became the star of Fashion Week thanks to Mondino and her fabulous hats and headgear from some of the most famous and respected milliners in the business. The series, entitled “Oh la Vache!” which literally translates to “Oh the Cow!” was briefly on display a the Hudson Hotel in New York City, but has since moved to Milk Factory in Paris just in time for their Fashion Week, and consists of 21 photos of Hermione in her Sunday’s best.

Do you have any hats like Hermione? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Therefore, I have proven my point: this cow is indeed more stylish than you.