In case you haven’t heard, GOP member Newt Gingrich wants to put a colony on the moon. Why should the most powerful country in the world have to hitch a ride to the moon with the Russians?

According to Gingrich we shouldn’t. Not only should we not be looking for free shuttle rides into outer space, we should also establish a moon colony. If we’re not colonizing other planets, then what sort of Americans are we? Who cares if we have a $1.2 trillion deficit, as long as we get to the moon “before the Chinese!” Newt’s words, not mine.

While we’ve determined that, personally, we probably wouldn’t want to live on the moon because it would not only be dreadfully dark, but that whole lack of gravity thing might be an issue if someone decided to crack a hole in the outer casing of our moon colony, we thought we might find some appropriate attire for those of you who might want to set up shop there and start a life for yourselves. A week’s vacation to the moon might be fantastic, but having to colonize, breed and establish permanent residency might be a bust.