I’m loving Vera Wang‘s new collection of decadent, over the top bib necklaces for Fall 2009/Winter 2010!

The necklaces look like a combination of vintage crystals or beads, put together with silk flowers and ribbons.  They’re bold statement pieces – and are definitely for dressy events only.  Let the necklace be the focus of your outfit, you don’t need any other jewelry to compete with these necklaces.

Want to see what I’m talking about?


The “Flower Crystal” necklace, made from goldennickel-plated brass flower design and clear crystal stones.


“Beaded Tie” necklace, with blacknickel-plated brass crystal floral detail. Leaf design adorned with black beads.


The “Crystal Rosette” necklace, made from blacknickel-plated brass. Rosettes detail adorned with clear crystal stones.

images: Bergdorf Goodman