SPIKE TV just released a massive survey answered by you guys, well, Men, generally speaking and we have the results. Some might be surprised (we’re not) on what Men thinks when it comes to : Being Mr. Mom, What Makes A Man, Hero Potential, HOT Women, Blowing Off Steam, Men’s Personal Space, and Virtual Machismo.

Let’s get to them, shall we? Please feel free to opine in the comments whether you agree or not.


While the stigma for stay-at-home dads isn’t completely gone, most guys would be willing to take on this role.

  • While only 19% of fathers are stay-at-home dads (15% in 2004), 30% would be “very willing” to do so, with 73% at least “somewhat willing” (60% in 2004).

If money weren’t an issue, even more dads would like to stay at home. 

  • 42% of dads would be “very willing” and 84% at least “somewhat willing” to be stay at home dads IF their spouses made more money than them.

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The roles that most define what a man should be today are:

  • Good partner/husband to significant other (83% of men)
  • Good father/nurturer (80% of men)
  • Good worker (41% of men)


Where have all the role models gone?

  • 55% of men feel it’s harder to “find solid role models to look up to” compared to their parents’ generation.
  • 7 in 10 guys don’t have guy role models today.
    • 44% of men agree “society doesn’t offer me many role models that speak to me as a man today”
    • 30% of men agree “I don’t have a role model and figure things out as I go along” 

Men no longer look up to the traditional role models admired by past generations like actors and athletes, holding a more pragmatic view of heroism by looking to everyday people who struggle and strive to make a difference. Careers that men define as “heroic”:

  • Soldier (86%)
  • Firefighter (86%)
  • Working parent (84%)
  • Police officer (80%)
  • Stay-at-home parent (67%)


Could men find Sarah Silverman more attractive than Pamela Anderson? The survey indicates that a lot of men think so.

  • Humor (70%) tops the list of attributes guys are attracted to in women over physical appearance (68%). 
  • Guys are more likely to say they are comfortable dating someone significantly older than them (75%) than someone significantly younger than them (64%). 
  • 86% of men are “comfortable dating someone who earns significantly more than me.” (+ 7 points for men from 2004)


Men are less likely than women to say that stress is a major problem, and less likely to say that things are harder today than for their parents.

  • Only 26% of guys say stress is a major problem

Guys see their friends as a release valve for daily stress and a sounding board for dealing with life’s problems.

  • Guys talk and act differently when they are around only guys, than when women are around. (95% agree)
  • Having my own space to escape from stress and responsibilities is important to me. (93% agree)
  • When I hang out with my guy friends, I’m free to say what I want (86% agree) and act how I want. (84% agree)
  • When hanging out with guy friends, guys are most likely to feel relaxed (38%), happy (35%) and free (29%).


With increasing expectations being placed on guys, they still want their guy space (real and virtual) where they can be themselves and relax.

  • 46% of men believe it’s harder to make time for themselves than it was for their fathers. 
  • 92% of men agree that “a man should be able to have his own private space at home.”

Guys feel it’s important to have guy spaces in their lives.…

  • “your own personal space to just be a guy” (88%)
  • “time to hang with your guy friends” (78%)
  • “entertainment for guys with a guy point-of-view” (77%)


Virtual space allows guys to flex their muscles online….The online world is a free place for guys to find hedonistic content and express a more masculine self than might be appropriate in the “real world.”

  • 59% of men agree with the statement “I find my comments and behavior less constrained online than in real-life social situations.”
  • 49% of men agree with the statement “I sometimes say things online that I wouldn’t say to someone face to face.
  • Men are twice as likely as women to portray themselves online differently than they do in person (29%).
  • Men are twice as likely as women to embellish their online profiles (19% )


Guy time is time…

  • Enjoying entertainment for guys (26%)
  • Spent with guy friends (25%)
  • Escaping stress and responsibilities (20%)

Men need time for relaxing and entertainment.  In their “man caves” guys want to…

  • Relax (55%)
  • Play with computer and other tech gadgets (47%)
  • Listen to or play music (43%)
  • Watch TV or movies (43%)
  • Play video games (41%)
  • Escape (33%)
  • Watch sports (32%)

Interesting huh? So what do you think?

(Source : Spike TV Press)