According to some website I have never heard of and that might not really exist, there is going to be a display of Spray-On Fashion in London next week. The same technology that creates those spray-on bandages has now been adapted to making bandage dresses. I’m just going to have to quote this stuff verbatim:

Dr Manuel Torres, a Spanish fashion designer and academic visitor at Imperial, where he has collaborated with Paul Luckham, professor of particle technology from the department of chemical engineering, to create a seamless material called Fabrican Spray-on fabric that can be sprayed directly onto the body, using aerosol technology. The spray dries instantly to make innovative clothes that can be washed and re-worn.

At the press preview, Dr Torres will demonstrate the Fabrican Spray-on fabric on models, creating clothes from scratch to show how this technology can be applied in the fashion industry.

But all I want to know is when will this be available for sale? Because I will totally try it. Sprayon will totally be the new rayon, y’all.