statement earrings collage

Statement earrings are probably one of the greatest inventions known to woman-kind. They have the power to take virtually any outfit from plain to sophisticated in mere seconds. And there’s just something about wearing them that makes you feel like you’re an heiress. If you loved the blue and silver statement earrings Emily Blunt wore to the Golden Globes as much as we did, here are 15 pairs you can pick up online for less than $35.

1. Blue Statement Earrings by ShopBeckBoutique,  $22.00

blue statement earrings via shop beck boutique

Can you think of a better way to add a pop of color to your outfit than this?

2. Black Stud Earrings by Lovely Polly $12.00 

black earrings stud gothic via etsy

If earrings that are 90% rhinestones are too much for you, you can try these. They’ll give you all the glam you want without blinding you.

3. Black Bohemian Teardrop Earrings by Lovely Polly, $12.00 

black dangle earrings via etsy

Think those black stud earrings needed more a little more drama? Check out these.

4. Crystal statement earrings by ShopBeckBoutique, $22.00 

rhine stone statement earrings via shopbeckboutique

I don’t care what anyone says, faux diamonds are definitely for day or whenever you want to wear them. These earrings are perfect for breaking every fashion rule with style.

5. Art Deco Black Rhinestone Colorful earrings by Lovely Polly, $12.00 

art deco black clear rhinestone statement earrings via etsy

These feel a lot like something Audrey Hepburn might have worn back in the day.

6. Minerva Studs Dark Blue by Bauble Bar, $10.00 (*On Sale*) 

minerva studs dark blue via bauble bar

The only thing better than the price of the earrings are the stones set in it. Those opal stones are everything.

7. Jewel Parasol Studs Earrings by Bauble Bar, $20 

parasol stud earrings via bauble bar

These earrings are everything I love about statement jewelry: bright colors and lots of shiny stones. And they’re guaranteed to pretty much look amazing with anything you wear.

 8. Parasol Studs by Bauble Bar, $28.00

diamond parasol studs rhinestones via bauble bar dot com

The only thing better than one pair of parasol studs are two pairs. If bright colors aren’t your thing, try these clear rhinestone ones.

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9. Blue Pink earrings by Lovely Polly, $12.00

blue purple statement earrings via lovely polly

Yes these earrings are gaudy but that’s exactly why you should get them.

10. South Beach Resin Studs by Bauble Bar, $28

earrings via bauble bar south beach resin

I never thought that red, turquoise and light green would work so well together but these earrings have proven me wrong.

11. Cha Cha Drops by Bauble Bar, $32  

statement earrings cha cha drops via bauble bar dot com

The great thing about these earrings having a bajillion colors on them is that you can probably match them with pretty much anything you have in your closet.

12. Kona Wooded Drops by Bauble Bar, $32 

kona wooded drops earrings via bauble bar

If you absolutely cannot with rhinestones these wooden earrings should be perfect for you.

13. Crystal Angel Wing Earrings by ArtisanCommunity, $18.90 

crystal wing statement earrings via etsy

These earrings are the coolest, edgiest things ever.

14. Art Deco Pearl earrings by Lovely Polly,  $12.00 

lovely polly art deco pearl earrings via etsy

There clearly weren’t enough pearls on this list so I had to include these.

15. Colbalt Constantinople Drop Earrings by Bauble Bar, $32

drop earrings via bauble bar dot com

The blue and onyx stones in these earrings will leave you feeling positively regal.