Guest post by Lauren Croteau of Hats N

Looking for an affordable hat without sacrificing style? Check out these cute fedoras!

On the left we’ve got a brown Plaid Fedora which I found over at, a great resource for affordable clothing for teens. The leatherette and button along the brim of the fedora is a great highlight. It balances out the busy pattern of the plaid.

Even better, these hats are available in three other colors including red, purple and grey. You can order this hat online for a great price of only $19.99.

The hat on the right is anything but boring. The Colorblock Basket Weave Hat is a bright aqua color, so you won’t blend in with the background – you’ll stand out in the crowd.

The pleated navy blue ribbon decor along the brim is my favorite part. Again, the ribbon balances out the color of the hat, so that it’s not too overwhelming. If you like this hat as much as I do, you can order it online for an excellent price of $15.60.