Stella McCartney is receiving some flack for her Fall 2012 campaign, which recently landed (as scans) on The Fashion Spot. Though the ads feature the inimitable Natalia Vodianova, they also feature some serious duckface. Perhaps it’s just more of a traditional puppy face?

Sample criticism thus far sounds like, “This is so bizarre. And the creative direction this season is pretty appalling too. That logo design and those things next to it are so pointless” (via TFS). Styleite presents the images without much comment beyond, “Because there really are no words to adequately describe this.”

We’re not crazy about the overall look of the ads (are those guitar picks? key chains?) but we think Natalia looks pretty adorable. Plus, it’s always refreshing to see an ad campaign that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Or maybe we just really want her eyebrows.